What Is The Use Of SEO, What Is Social Media Platforms And Getting WebSite Traffic?

In Order To Get Traffic Flowing To Your Site You Have To Understand SEO And How Social Media Plateforms Influence Website Traffic!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Can Make Or Break Your Site! Getting Maximum Traffic To Your Site Is All About Setting Up The Correct SEO. Let's Look At What Is The Use Of SEO, What Is Social Media Platforms And Getting WebSite Traffic?

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We are going to cover SEO and Content firstly. We will endeavor to show you what is needed to get the maximum traffic to your website and ensure everything is being done to get your business and its product seen. It may all seem complicated but remember there are people that are experts in this area and they will make it happen for your business.

One of the main issues that people often face and why they are so quick to give up is not getting enough traffic and sales to their business. They often think that creating the product and the website is enough to drive traffic, but what they don’t know is that Search Engine Optimization plays a huge part in their success.

This is where you will need to invest in a team of digital marketers to drive traffic to your website or learn to do this yourself. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is where a digital marketer will implement keywords that pertain to your business. They will target those keywords all over your website content to ensure that Google will bring your website to the top of the page whenever someone types those specific keywords. Keep in mind that SEO contains a lot of variables and factors. Use software to build your website that is geared to SEO will also help.

Here are factors that digital marketers will work on when it comes to SEO:

Content - A digital marketer will have a content writer on the team or you can hire someone to write content for you. I will leave links on this page to Fiverr and Hirewriter two companies that offer these services. The content writer will research your product to come up with articles and blogs that entice the reader to stay on your website. Keep in mind that when readers stay on your website and explore for a long period of time it can actually boost your ranking. These writers will also implement SEO keywords in the content so that it catches Google's attention when someone types in these keywords.

Backlinkers - Backlinkers play a huge role in SEO. They will link your site to various authoritative websites with a high ranking. Every time your link appears on any highly ranked site, it will boost your ranking significantly. Every Digital marketer has a team of Backlinkers who will place your link in various places.

Website optimization - Your digital marketer will renovate your website to make sure that it’s fully optimized. This means that they will reconstruct it so it loads faster, works efficiently in mobile phones and have all the proper keywords implemented to ensure that the search engine will target your site.

SEO requires a lot of work and experience. It’s not something that you can research and simply apply to your business. It requires years of training and hard work to master. If you would like to fast track this then I recommend looking at the program SAS Affiliate. It is run by Barry Plaskow and Jason Caluori and they teach SEO on steroids and their system works. 

Digital marketing is an important component that you should invest money in. Keep in mind that SEO will take some time. It depends on how competitive your keywords are. It will take anywhere from six months to a year in order to rank to the top, but by learning from a company like SAS Affiliates you can fast track the system. Once you are at the top of the search engine, you will get millions of organic traffic hits to your website on a daily basis. I found a review / webinar on SAS Affiliate see it here!

I hope this information has been informative and shown you how vital SEO is to your business. With the right people assisting you it should increase your chances of success tenfold. Look out for the links to discounted offers. 

Search Engine Optimization and Paid Website Traffic Sources Work Hand In Hand To Drive Traffic To Your Website. 

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Social Media and Brand Awareness. Everybody knows the importance of social media plateforms today; it will play a huge part in getting traffic to your website or product

Read this article and have a look at this video so that you can get the maximum benefit from your platforms for your business.    

The problem that most entrepreneurs face is that they are confused about why the website isn’t converting despite having thousands of visitors coming in each day. If you look at the business part of the social media, you will know that it plays a huge role.

The number of likes, fans and interactions can make or break your business. Before anyone considers if they want to buy your products or services, they often check your social media page. Subconsciously, they are looking for reviews, content and interactions on your Facebook or Instagram page. If they see that you barely have anything on your Facebook or Instagram page, the customer will be less likely to buy from you. This is mainly because they are worried that you might be a scam or an unreliable business. Fortunately, there are social media managers that can help spice up your page. They can create content and posts on a daily basis to entertain readers.

Keep in mind that people love to learn new things, and they are more likely to visit a Facebook page that will teach them something new. They are more likely to like, friend or become fans of Instagram pictures and posts that have some valuable information. For example, if you are selling vitamins, then you would want interesting posts about how these vitamins can improve your health, and what people could do to improve their overall health. These tips and strategies are helpful and can educate the viewers. When readers read these posts, they are most likely to trust your business. When this happens, they see you as a person of authority or an influencer. This would indicate that you have reached brand awareness where people will come to you for a specific topic, tips, strategy and information. When that happens, people are more likely to buy from your website because they trust what you are selling.

In order to become an influencer; you will need to have a lot of interesting posts, pictures and interaction with your website, meaning you will need thousands of visitors and likes. It can be very exhausting, but with a social media manager, it can save you a lot of time. Have a look at the services of a company like 123employee they have excellent services available. I will leave links to their offers on this page. These experts can help bring you visitors and interactive people to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest Page and even your Youtube Channel.

The great part about having all these likes and fans; is that when people stumble upon your page and visit your social media, they will perceive you as a reliable and trustworthy business. That will give them the confidence when they reach for their wallets to purchase your products and services.

Paid Website Traffic Sources And How SEO Can Effect Traffic To Your Website

The three main traffic sources are direct, referral, and searches on plateforms, although your website may also have traffic from campaigns such as banner ads or paid search like Pay Per Click or Google Adword. In addition to measuring the number of visitors from each traffic source, consider analyzing the number of goal completions from each source or plateform. Below you will see a video that will explain more on Paid Website Traffic Sources. 

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